The CFS Story.

An Evolution of Success in Northern Ohio

Like many success stories, the history of CFS isn’t wrapped up in a single big breakthrough event or one dynamic person.  It’s a series of moves and success built by smart, dedicated people and loyal customers over the years.

Originally founded in 1987 as Steven Environmental Services, Inc., CFS got its start in office furniture. The company moved to its current location in June of 1994 and by that time had expanded its services greatly. By August of 1997, the business had changed and expanded enough to warrant a name that more clearly defined it’s expanded line of products and services: Continental Fire & Security, Inc.

In early 1999, CFS expanded its offices to better serve our customers.

In 2002, longtime employees Jim Kousagan and Ray Webb joined then owner and President Terry Kovacs as equity partners, with Jim heavily focused on the sales side of the business and Ray taking the lead on service & operations. When Terry passed away unexpectedly in 2020, Jim took on the role of President and both he and Ray began to plan the long-term future of CFS.

In late 2021, CFS became a wholly-owned business of Gardiner, the leading HVAC and building services company in the region. CFS and Gardiner remain committed to the independent, entrepreneurial spirit that both companies were founded upon.


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