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Our video management systems can enable you to control multiple sources of video to collect, manage and present video in a clear and concise manner to meet your business needs and offer an integrated, scalable solution for your security and surveillance needs. Our expert staff will be there to guide you at every phase of your video surveillance system, from design and installation to maintenance, inspections, support and analytics.

CFS is a certified dealer for Honeywell’s Pro-Watch Security Management Suite of products.

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Video Management System.

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Video surveillance systems provide a simple solution for monitoring critical areas from a single location. Images can be viewed real time for active protection of an area and archived recording can be used to review as evidence of malicious or neglectful acts. Needless to say, video security can be the most important part of a facility’s total security solution. In addition, CFS sells and services most manufacturers’ video equipment.

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Integrated Security.

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An Integrated Security Suite enables an enterprise to benefit from the seamless integration of all of its security solutions, giving you complete visibility of all the connected systems, in turn mitigating business risks. It’s designed to protect people and property, optimize productivity, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. And it saves time and money by providing actionable intelligence and reducing operating costs.

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