Daikin HVAC Systems – Module 3: Electric

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02/08/2021 - 02/26/2021
All Day

Online Course – Self Paced

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In this module, learners will develop knowledge of electrical basics, motors and VFDs, controls concepts for HVAC, controls components, and electrical schematics. This module consists of three virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions and self-directed on-line content.



Learning Objectives:

•    Explain how power distribution works
•    Explain how electricity flows
•    Use Ohm’s Law to calculate current, voltage, and resistance
•    Explain the relationship between electricity and magnetism
•    Explain how the basic components in electrical equipment work (switches, fuses, contactors, relays, capacitors, resistors/resistance/electrical loads, diodes, transformers, and thermostats)



Learning Objectives:

•    Explain how a motor operates
•    Identify the HVAC types of motor designs and configurations
•    Explain how the types of motor starters function
•    Explain power factor as it applies to motors


CONTROLS CONCEPTS FOR HVAC  (self-directed online content)

Learning Objectives:

•    Describe the three levels of controls for HVAC (unit, system, BMS/BAS)
•    Explain how key terminology is used in the control process
•    Explain the basic control strategies
•    Explain the four different types of control point
•    Describe the four types of modulating controls


CONTROLS COMPONENTS  (self-directed online content)

Learning Objectives:

•    Describe the types of control sensors
•    Describe the types of control dampers
•    Describe the types of valves



Learning Objectives:

•    Identify electrical terms, acronyms, and symbols
•    Explain how to read an electrical schematic
•    Identify practical approaches to problem solving when working with an electrical system




Additional Information

TARGET AUDIENCE:  HVAC Professionals, Owner/Operators, Contractors & Service Technicians

RECOMMENDED PREREQUISITES:  Module 0 & Module 1 (Modules 2-6 can be attended in any order)

CLASS SIZE:  Class size is limited and is offered on a first-registered, first-attend basis

COST:  $300/student

EDUCATION CREDITS:  Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are available upon request following completion of course.



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