A Higher Level of Security.

Creating a safer environment.

Our market leading approach to building safety and security extends to access control and visitor management. We can help you provide a safer environment by protecting your assets and the people in your building with better security, more features and greater flexibility. Our integrated security software will allow you to meet all of the security needs of your organization from one system.

CFS is a certified dealer for Honeywell’s Pro-Watch Security Management Suite of products.

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Access Rights Management.

Protected by CFS.

Whether the business has hundreds or thousands of employees, how can it ensure that only the right people can visit certain areas of the organization? Our versatile solutions provide automated management and approval of the access rights of different users. It provides a customizable approval workflow and clearance code list (including specific business needs such as special access criteria) along with support for temporary and permanent access requests.

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Visitor Management.

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Visitor management systems can help maintain an official accounting of who is visiting or has visited your facility, produce visitor badges and notify the host employee of the arrival of their visitors. The Pro-Watch Visitor Management module can be used to pre-print badges; to generate detailed visitor traffic reports; and to enforce visitor/contractor security policies. It can even be used to display safety or promotional videos. It will boost visitor security; enable the organization to have a complete, centralized record of all visitors, and enhance overall customer service levels.

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