Solving your fire, life safety and security challenges

The value of what we do isn’t in the list of services we provide.  It’s having the experience and knowledge collectively to be able to look at what is most important in protecting your building and your business. From the most advanced early smoke detection systems to state-of-the-art clean agent fire suppression to keep your data secure. Our team works with companies every day to protect what is most important.


Alarming & mass notification systems

Implementing a professionally installed and monitored Fire Alarm is perhaps the most significant way to assure the safety of lives and preservation of property in any building. Continental Fire & Security has expert staff to provide all phases of Fire Alarm service, from design and installation to maintenance and inspections.

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Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Water-based fire suppression systems (sprinklers) are designed to protect people and structures. But when it comes to protecting high value machinery, computers and other electronic equipment, water can be more damaging than the fire itself. Clean agent fire suppression systems are the superior choice for protecting electronics and high-value assets – reducing the threat of needless downtime and business interruption.

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Card Access & Visitor Management Systems

Access control system can play an important role in the security of your facility, providing your staff limited access to areas with specific times and dates for each individual with proper credentials. The credentials can be used as photo ID badges for employees and the system can also store employee information and attach assets to an employee’s record.

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Video Surveillance & CCTV Systems

Video surveillance systems provide a simple solution for monitoring critical areas from a single location. Images can be viewed real time for active protection of an area and archived recording can be used to review as evidence of malicious or neglectful acts. Needless to say, video security can be the most important part of a facility’s total security solution.

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Nurse Call & Intercom Systems

From a simple two way push-to-talk intercom to a multiple station video intercom system, we have products and services to meet your needs. Nurse Call Systems play a critical roll in health care facilities in order to respond quickly to patient or resident needs. We have extensive experience installing and maintaining systems of all sizes including companion systems such as two way intercom, door control or door alarm devices.

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We specialize in conducting regular inspections of fire alarm and suppression systems to inform you when these systems are out of compliance with local & state codes. You will always speak to a live person when you are calling about a repair or maintenance issue, 24 hours a day.